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What We’ve Heard About Off-Road Motorcycle Accidents

Sunny Florida is home to many motorcyclists and off-road vehicle riders. The warm climate lends itself to off-road activities virtually all year long. Motorcycles, or dirt bikes, are just one of the many options that Florida residents choose for off road vehicles.

Off-road vehicles are prone to accidents just like any other vehicle. The type of accident that these vehicles face is slightly different than those that would occur on Florida streets.

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Off-Road Vehicle Laws in Florida

Dirt bikes and other off-road vehicles are not permitted on Florida streets. These vehicles often do not have the required safety lights, including headlights, turning signals, or even taillights to operate on the street. They also do not have the same licensing requirements as a car, truck, or motorcycle.

When an individual is operating an off-road vehicle on public land, they must be either over 16 year of age or have proof that they have taken an approved off-road vehicle safety course. There are additional restrictions as well.

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Dirt Bike Accidents

The most common victim of dirt bike or off-road motorcycle accidents are those who are under 19. These individuals simply do not have the experience or skill necessary to navigate an off-road vehicle. They are more likely to engage in dangerous behavior than their older counterparts.

Interestingly, in a study conducted in 2004, researchers found that those who were involved in on-road motorcycle accidents were more likely to suffer from blunt abdominal trauma, skin trauma, and death. Presumably this is because on-road motorcycle accidents more often involve other vehicles and higher speeds than off-road accidents.

Read the full study on comparisons between street bike and dirt bike injuries here.

Common Injuries after an Off-Road Motorcycle Accident

Although street bikes and off-road motorcycles are similar, off-road bikes are much more likely to be involved in accidents where the driver loses control. Street bike accidents generally involve other drivers, and those accidents are often the other driver’s fault.

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The most common injuries after an off-road motorcycle accident include:

  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Broken collarbone or fracture
  • AC joint injuries
  • Sprains of the wrists or ankles

Thankfully, off-road motorcycle accidents are generally less serious than accidents that occur on the road. Sometimes riders can get away with just a few minor bumps and bruises. However, it is still important to seek medical attention after a serious crash. You never know when you may have internal injuries that can cause serious medical problems down the road.

Common Causes of Off-Road Vehicle Accidents

Dirt bike and other off-road vehicle accidents are commonly caused by:

  • Age or inexperience of the driver
  • Reckless driving
  • Defective products or poor maintenance (of the vehicle or the track)
  • Traveling at speeds higher than recommended for that area or terrain
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving a dirt bike that is too large or too small for the driver
  • Weather conditions or terrain conditions

Terrain conditions are by far one of the most common factors in off-road motorcycle accidents. The unpredictability of off-road travel makes it both exciting and dangerous, especially for those traveling at higher speeds. It is important to only travel at a speed where you can maintain comfortable control of your vehicle.

Going Off Road with an Ormond Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If someone or something else caused your off-road motorcycle accident, you may have a personal injury case that can help pay for your expenses related to your injuries.

Speak with an Ormond Beach motorcycle accident attorney who knows the unique legal aspects of an off-road accident. Contact us today.


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