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What is Premises Liability?

You may have heard of the term liability, especially in relation to cases like product liability. Many people are sitting on premises liability cases without even knowing they could file a case. Premises liability is a type of personal injury case where an injury is caused because of an unsafe condition on someone’s property. These cases require the person that was injured to show they were harmed as a result of the property owner’s negligence. The property owner must have known the property was unsafe or should have reasonably known it was unsafe.

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Every case is different because it depends on the type of property. The state of Florida defines visitors in a few categories including:

  • Public invitee
  • Business invitee
  • Licensee by invitation
  • Uninvited licensee
  • Trespasser

The state of Florida, like many other states, designates properties based on the type of people that would access the property.

For example, a trespasser is a person who enters the premises without license, invitation, or right and at this time the property owner has no duty to guard against injury. Basically, a trespasser isn’t allowed to be on the property. They cannot have things like concealed traps or other ways to stop someone that are not visible. Fencing and signage is permitted. The only way to navigate the difficult aspects of premises liability is to seek out legal counsel to help you.

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You may not know you have a premises liability case until you learn just what a case could entail. A great rule of thumb is to remember:If you were injured on someone else’s property, then it may be the fault of the property owner. (Remember, this goes both ways because as a property owner you also have a duty to maintain your own property). Some of the most common premises liability cases include:

  • Slip and Fall Cases
  • Dog Bites
  • Amusement Park Accidents
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Water Leaks or Flooding
  • Elevator Accidents
  • Escalator Accidents
  • Defective Conditions on the Property
  • Poor Building Security

Many of the most successful premises liability cases are ones that prove a public property owner was negligent in the way they maintained the space. Public property has the strictest rules about maintenance as it is expected for people to go in and out on a regular basis.

Because of the climate and the dependence the state of Florida has on tourism, many premises liability cases occur here. Florida has a high number of public and private swimming pools, beach clubs, amusement parks, and hotels. You do have a case if someone was negligent in this type of public property.

If you are believe you have suffered an injury as a result of premises liability, then seek the help of an attorney that specializes in personal injury cases. Attorney Robert W. Elton serves clients in Daytona Beach and is pleased to offer a free consultation to people that believe they have a premises liability case.

You don’t have to suffer alone or shoulder the burden of medical bills when someone should be held responsible for your injury. Schedule a free consultation today at 386-274-2229 or visit The Law Offices of Robert W. Elton online at

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