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Unbelievable Accidents And Stories Of Survival


People experience all kinds of accidents, but sometimes things happen that are truly mind blowing. Consider the following bizarre accidents that individuals lived to tell about:

Dropping from the Sky at 70 Miles per Hour

 Michael Holmes had leapt from airplanes plenty of times as a skydiving instructor, but nothing could have prepared him for a particularly memorable jump in 2009. That day, the New Zealander’s main parachute failed. When Holmes pulled the backup chute, he was dismayed to discover that it, too, was disabled. Michael Holmes careened to the ground at 70 miles per hour, heading toward a certain death. But no—Holmes ended up landing on a blackberry bush, and survived the event with merely a broken ankle and a collapsed lung.

Squished Through a Five-inch Hole

 Matthew Lowe’s overalls were snagged in a machine on the assembly line in a metal parts factory. The contraption snatched him up through a five-inch opening, ripping his skin, smashing bones, and rupturing internal organs. He was rushed to a hospital, where he underwent multiple surgeries and rehabilitation for a broken back, pelvis and ribs, as well as a burst stomach and bowel. Eventually Lowe returned to his job at the factory, and began training for a supervisory position.

An Unusual Motorcycle Collision

 Drivers who have collided with a wild deer have experienced pretty severe damage to their cars over time. Imagine what might happen if the crash involved a motorcycle. One motorcyclist was surprised when his country ride wound up with a deer collision. Incredibly, both the deer and the driver walked away with only minor injuries.

Impaled Through the Brain

When rail worker Phineas Gage was packing a hole with explosives, an explosion occurred, shooting a 13-pound iron rod rocketing through Gage’s head, impaling his skull and brain.     The rod landed a short distance away, with bits of Gage’s brain attached to it. Twelve years later, Phineas Gage passed away, after having survived with cognitive and emotional deficiencies, seizures, and other problems for over a decade.

Man Overboard

 When a couple of friends went out for an afternoon of deep sea fishing on a small boat. One of the fellows was struggling to bring a fish on board, and ended up falling out of the boat himself. While it could have been treacherous, he survived with mostly a bruised ego.

When You are Injured

 At the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton, we hope crazy anecdotes like these remain than no more ludicrous stories for your entertainment. But in the event you do experience a serious accident and need serious legal help, our experienced team can help. Call our offices in Daytona & Ormond Beach for a free, confidential consultation today.