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Trampoline Injuries

The sunshine state is the perfect place for outdoor fun, and who doesn’t love a bounce on a trampoline? Many people see the value in a fun physical workout that a trampoline can provide. But when your child is injured in a backyard trampoline accident, the pain on your child’s face and the medical costs that accompany it can be formidable. Competent, compassionate legal help is your best bet to recoup damages in civil litigation.

The fact is, trampoline injuries are not an anomaly in this country. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that nearly 300,000 injuries were treated medically in 2014, with roughly one-third of them requiring emergency room visits. Who are the most common victims of trampoline accidents? Not surprisingly, children make up about 90 percent of the injuries.

  • Most injuries occur in children aged 5-14;
  • Injuries occur primarily when children are unsupervised, although they sometimes occur during supervision, as well;
  • Sprains and fractures are the most common injuries;
  • About half of injuries occur on the trampoline mat;
  • Approximately one-fifth of injuries involve contact with the springs or frame;
  • Three-fourths of injuries occur when two or more individuals are using the trampoline simultaneously, with the smaller of the participants 14 times more likely to experience injury;
  • The most common cause of permanent spinal injuries arise from attempts to perform flips and somersaults;
  • Almost $9 billion in medical and legal costs were accrued nationwide due to trampoline accidents in 2014 alone.

Safety Measures and the Research

Many trampoline proponents claim that netting and padding on the springs and frame make trampolines safer, which makes a lot of sense at first glance. But beware! The data on these safety measures is slim, but the research does not indicate significant injury reductions. What we do know is that nets are often improperly installed, negating any potential benefits. Padding tends to deteriorate rapidly, losing its advantage, as well.

If your Child is Injured, Who is Liable?

Homeowners are liable for injuries that occur on their property if negligence is involved. Was the equipment properly installed, is the warranty is up-to-date, and are safety pads in good condition? Did the trampoline sit on level ground? Did the owners hire an annual inspector to ensure everything was in proper working order? Critically, was there adult supervision, and did that adult enforce common sense rules, like allowing only one jumper at a time and limiting flips?

After an Injury

When your child is hurt there is nothing more important than healing. But medical expenses accrue quickly, adding to the stress that comes when you watch your child suffer. In this situation, you want an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. Let the team at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton in Daytona Beach support you through the emotional and potentially expensive recovery. Our attorneys will provide the legal representation you need. Schedule your confidential consultation today.