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The First Steps after a Car Accident are Critical

After a car accident, there is a lot to do. But, no one exactly prepares themselves for how to respond to an accident. While emotions are certainly going to be high and you may even suffer from injuries, how you act after your accident is critical.

So, make sure you follow these initial steps after the accident is over. Then, consult with car accident lawyers Daytona Beach right away.

Do Not Leave the Scene

Stay at the scene until you are told to leave. If you leave and someone else was injured, even if the accident wasn’t your fault, you could be arrested or even accused of a hit-and-run.

Check on Others

Check on others to make sure they are okay and call for medical. If a person is seriously injured, do not move them. While you may have not caused the accident, the injured party could sue you for additional injuries because of your improper care.

Contact the Police

Even a minor fender bender needs a police report. Call the police right away and wait at the scene for them to arrive. Ask for a copy of the police report and get the name as well as badge number of the officer that reported to the scene.

Exchange Info

You will need to exchange information with the other party. Get their insurance information, driver’s license, and contact info. While talking to the other drivers, be polite and respectful, but do not admit to anything or apologize. Apologizing, even if you were not at fault, could be misconstrued as an admission of guilt, and make it almost impossible to file a claim later.

Get Witness Information

If anyone witnessed the accident, make sure you get their information. Write down what the witness claims they saw too, so that you can share that with your attorney.

Call Your Insurance Company

You do not need to call your insurance company at the scene, but as soon as you can after the accident they must be notified. Cooperate with your insurance carrier and be honest. If they continue to deny your claim, you may need to enlist the help of a car accident attorney in Daytona Beach.

Call a Lawyer

Even if you don’t plan on filing a lawsuit, an attorney can help. They can assist you with negotiations with insurance companies and ensure that your insurance company doesn’t give you the run around when you are dealing with losses and pain.

Contact Daytona Beach Car Accident Attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton today for a free consultation regarding your car accident case at 386-274-2229.

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