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The Dos and Don’ts of Filing a Car Accident Claim with Your Insurance

After a car accident, you will have to file a claim with your auto insurance company. While you may be the greatest customer and you have never missed a payment, you will notice quickly that there is no loyalty in this business. Your insurance company may make it difficult to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, and may even deny claims for minor issues.

No matter what happened in the accident, you are entitled to your auto insurance benefits. So, to ensure a smoother process, there are a few dos and don’ts to consider.

Things to Do When Filing Your Claim

  • Do read your auto insurance policy for instructions on filing a claim and any coverage. This way you know just what your insurance is required to reimburse you for.

  • Do contact the insurance company right away after an accident. The faster you file you claim, the easier the process can be.

  • Do respond to all requests from your insurance company and always respond honestly. Never lie to increase the settlement amount as this could result in no money at all.

  • Do get your details together so that you can present them to the insurance claims adjuster.

  • Do keep all records of communication between you and your insurance company as well as the other party. Keep all receipts for stuff you paid out-of-pocket while waiting for insurance to address your claim.

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Things to Not Do When Filing Your Claim

  • Don’t give up information to insurance adjusters or police officers. Only answer the question honestly and give the shortest answer possible. Sometimes elaborating can actually give police and insurance adjusters a chance to twist what you have said.

  • Don’t admit you were at fault or do anything that can be misconstrued as admitting fault – such as apologizing.

  • Don’t assume that the settlement you get is the only settlement opportunity you have. In fact, insurance companies are open to negotiations, but they rely on the fact that most consumers do not know they have a right to reject and negotiate settlements.

  • Don’t deal with insurance adjusters alone. Instead, hire an attorney that specializes in car accident claims.

In a Car Accident? Contact the Law Office of Robert W. Elton Before You File Your Claim

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