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Tag Archives: Florida Slip and Fall Accidents


When A Slip And Fall Leads To A Hospital Stay

By Robert W. Elton |

So you’re out enjoying the beauty and sunshine of a typical Florida day in one of Florida’s many outdoor venues when suddenly you slip, causing an injury that lands you in the hospital. The medical bills are piling up, and you’re unable to return to work right away. What recourse do you have? Slip… Read More »


When Negligent Care of a Property Results in a Slip or Fall

By Robert W. Elton |

You are enjoying the day, strolling through a commercial property, when you suddenly trip on a jagged piece of linoleum that was not secured to the flooring; you crash to the ground, incurring several fractures. The medical bills are piling up, you are missing numerous days from your job, and you find yourself sinking… Read More »