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Tag Archives: Florida Pedestrian Accidents

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Keeping Kids Safe: Avoiding Traffic Incidents On The Way To And From School

By Robert W. Elton |

We send our children to school assuming they will be safe throughout the day. So when traffic accidents occur involving kids on their way to and from school, it is more than alarming. Sadly, the list of such incidents is far too long. Although school zones should be one place we can expect that… Read More »


When Walking is No “Walk in the Park:” Auto-Pedestrian Injuries

By Robert W. Elton |

Is walking a safe activity for Floridians? Sure, most of the time it is. But when a pedestrian and a motor vehicle collide, the pedestrian is going to get the raw end of the deal every time. In such a circumstance, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you recoup the costs associated with… Read More »