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Bicycle Accidents

By Robert W. Elton |

The death rate for bicyclists in Florida is higher than in any other state in the country. In fact, it more than doubles the national average. And while other states have seen a steady decline in the rate of these fatalities, the same cannot be said for Florida. Over 800 bicyclists lost their lives… Read More »


When The Sun Is Trouble For Drivers In The Sunshine State

By Robert W. Elton |

While many Floridians adore the sunshine famous in the state, when the glare of the sun impairs a driver’s vision, it can be a real problem. What makes the sun a driver’s enemy at times? When the sun is rising or setting, it is often directly in the driver’s line of sight, literally causing… Read More »


Fatal Car Accidents

By Robert W. Elton |

When drivers get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, they are responsible for tons of steel moving at high speeds, in a variety of challenging conditions. It is essential to take that responsibility seriously. Unfortunately, all too often vehicle collisions result in very severe accidents, and even deaths. If you lose a loved… Read More »


Florida Highway Accidents

By Robert W. Elton |

When a truck rear-ended a van in May 2018, it resulted in several serious injuries and one fatality. The van’s driver lost control of the vehicle and went hurtling across the median, ejecting a number of passengers. Five individuals were airlifted to a nearby hospital. When lives are lost, or seriously impacted due to… Read More »


Holiday Driving Safety: Avoiding A Collision Out-Of-State

By Robert W. Elton |

There is no convenient time to experience problems on the road, but perhaps everyone could agree that one of the worst times to encounter difficulties is during the holidays. Unfortunately, most travelers make their holiday visits via car, meaning roadways are more crowded than ever, and your holiday commute is packed with hazards. If… Read More »


Rollover Accidents

By Robert W. Elton |

Any high-speed accident can be frightening and dangerous. But what could be more furious and terrifying than a rollover accident? Rollover Accidents:  Risk Factors Drivers in Florida experience roughly 600 rollover accidents every year. There are a number of elements that may impact rollover accidents. What takes an already dangerous situation and amplifies it… Read More »


Head-on Collisions in Florida

By Robert W. Elton |

There is no such thing as a pleasant automobile collision; yet none are more dangerous than head-on collisions. These dangerous, often fatal crashes occur when the median is crossed by one vehicle in the direct line of fire of an oncoming motorist. Whether the result of a deliberate attempt to make a pass, or… Read More »


Hit-and Run Accidents

By Robert W. Elton |

You are driving home, anxious to put the day behind you and relax with your family. Out of nowhere, another vehicle appears, smashing into the side of your car. You exchange bewildered stares with the driver of the other car, trying to get your wits about you, when, with a sudden pitch, the other… Read More »

Wrong-Way Driving

By Robert W. Elton |

There is nothing more frightening than seeing a car barreling down the road in the wrong direction. Raymond Howard Jackson was the innocent victim of a driver who was going the wrong direction on a Florida roadway. That incident resulted in Mr. Jackson’s untimely death.  Although sometimes the consequences are less dire, wrong-way driving… Read More »