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Driveway Accidents: Keeping Children Safe

By Robert W. Elton |

The numbers are astonishing: 50 children are injured on a weekly basis in this country after being hit by, or even run over, by a vehicle backing out of a driveway. Two of these incidents result in a child’s death every single week somewhere in the United States. In point of fact, these backover… Read More »


Passing On 2-Lane Highways

By Robert W. Elton |

Who hasn’t been behind a vehicle that is plunking along much too slowly? On a major freeway with multiple lanes, passing that slow-moving automobile is no big deal. But when you’re on a two-lane country road, making a pass can be much more treacherous. If you’ve been injured in an accident resulting from a… Read More »


Avoid that Automobile Accident

By Robert W. Elton |

No one plans to get in a car accident, yet they happen all the time. In fact, Floridians experienced nearly 400,000 total reported crashes in 2016 alone. Almost half of those incidents involved injuries. If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a serious auto accident, you may wish to consider competent legal… Read More »


Seatbelt and Car Seat Laws in Florida

By Robert W. Elton |

Central Florida mourned the deaths of two teens in separate collisions just 48 hours apart in June 2015. In each case, the victims were not wearing seatbelts. Florida Restraint Laws Florida law requires that all passengers riding in the front seat of a motor vehicle must wear seat belts. In addition to this, all… Read More »


Impaired Driving: When Drugs Impact Driving Abilities

By Robert W. Elton |

Following an auto accident, juggling your responsibilities without your car can be a huge hassle. But a highway accident that results in property damage and/or personal injury can be much more than just an inconvenience. It can mean wading through mountains of paperwork, medical trauma, and financial strain. If the accident is the result… Read More »


The Other Driver in Your Accident Won’t Submit to a Breathalyzer

By Robert W. Elton |

The Florida legislature is looking to get more serious about drivers who refuse to undergo breath, blood or urine tests when suspected of impaired driving. If you are involved in an accident and the other driver is asked to take a Breathalyzer or another test to determine blood alcohol level, and that person refuses,… Read More »


Hit-and Run Accidents

By Robert W. Elton |

You are driving home, anxious to put the day behind you and relax with your family. Out of nowhere, another vehicle appears, smashing into the side of your car. You exchange bewildered stares with the driver of the other car, trying to get your wits about you, when, with a sudden pitch, the other… Read More »

Wrong-Way Driving

By Robert W. Elton |

There is nothing more frightening than seeing a car barreling down the road in the wrong direction. Raymond Howard Jackson was the innocent victim of a driver who was going the wrong direction on a Florida roadway. That incident resulted in Mr. Jackson’s untimely death.  Although sometimes the consequences are less dire, wrong-way driving… Read More »

Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents

By Robert W. Elton |

Accidents happen daily in Daytona Beach, but did you know that there is a common reason as to why they happen? Surprisingly enough, the majority of accidents are caused by distracted driving. But, that doesn’t just mean texting or talking while driving – there are plenty more ways for a driver to lose focus… Read More »

The First Steps after a Car Accident are Critical

By Robert W. Elton |

After a car accident, there is a lot to do. But, no one exactly prepares themselves for how to respond to an accident. While emotions are certainly going to be high and you may even suffer from injuries, how you act after your accident is critical. So, make sure you follow these initial steps… Read More »