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Summer Hazards On The Road


Summer is right around the corner, and drivers should gear up for the problems they may face as the warmer days set in.


 The most obvious of issues in the summer is overheating. Make sure your radiator is filled and your cooling system is working. Keep plenty of liquids in the car in case you get stranded on the roadside.


 With more time on the beach, the likelihood of losing your keys goes up. Even getting your key fob wet could result in a remote control that no longer works. Be aware of the alternative methods to open your doors in the event you find yourself with this problem on your hands.


 The heat of summer impacts tire performance, particularly when tires are damaged or have low pressure. Avoid this disaster by taking care of your tires and having them replaced as necessary.

Hayfever…and the Medications for it

 Many people experience summer hay fever, and take prescription or over-the counter medicines to deal with the uncomfortable symptoms. Make sure your medication doesn’t cause drowsiness if you’re going to be behind the wheel.


 With summer road construction under way, traffic will slow down in spots. Be aware of workers who deserve to be safe, and follow posted speed signs. Merge carefully and politely. Be cognizant of loose chippings. Keeping your distance from other vehicles to reduce the chances of a cracked windshield.


Smokers, beware of the tinder-dry grasses during the summer months. Throwing a cigarette out the window can be dangerous!


They may creep along the road, but tractors do appear on the roads with more frequency in the summer months. Give them plenty of room, take care when passing, and remember that they don’t necessarily have brake lights.


The sunshine state has a lot of bicyclists, so remember to share the road! Give them plenty of room when passing, and keep your eyes open, especially at intersections.


More people will be walking about in the summer sun, and it is the responsibility of every motorist to be keenly aware of them. Anticipate that children, in particular, are unpredictable, and need you to be cautious at all times when behind the wheel.


Many families visit Florida in the summer months. Be aware that a good share of the drivers out there are unfamiliar with the scenes and are using GPS to get around. Be patient with drivers who attempt to make last-minute turns, U-turns, or who otherwise try your patience. Keeping everyone safe should be your primary concern.

Be Safe Out There

Whatever you do this summer, the experienced legal team at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton encourages you to stay safe and alert on Florida roadways. In the event you experience serious personal injury at the hands of another careless driver, contact us to assist you your legal needs in Daytona & Ormond Beach. The initial consultation is no-cost.