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Stockbroker Call Contributes To Medical Malpractice Judgment In Negligence Suit


When one woman arrived at North Shore Medical Center to deliver her baby, she was full of the anticipation all mothers-to-be experience in the delivery room.  After months of carrying a child, it was finally time to meet the baby. Little did she know, her doctor would be focused on his own personal matters, leaving the woman to experience one medical mistake after another.

What Happened?

After nurses were instructed to administer a drug to enhance contractions, the doctor left the delivery room on multiple occasions, once to reportedly consult with his stockbroker for an extended phone call. When the child was finally born, he had to undergo emergency revival procedures, and ultimately experienced brain damage from the oxygen loss.

The Doctor’s Response

Following the tragedy, the doctor failed to take responsibility for the outcome, blaming the woman for failing to push hard enough during delivery, and falsifying medical records to indicate she’d refused a C-section, despite evidence to the contrary. The delivery nurse, in fact, testified that the woman pleaded with the doctor to perform a C-section after hours spent trying to deliver her baby. Ultimately, the baby was delivered vaginally, when the doctor was not even present.

The Consequences

Following an emotional trial, the woman was awarded $33.8 million to address the round-the-clock care her son will require for the rest of his life. The doctor continues to practice medicine, with not a single reprimand and no action taken against his medical license.

Similar Cases Involving this Doctor

It seems this physician is no stranger to malpractice suits. Previously he was sued for rushing a delivery and using a vacuum device, which caused disfigurement and nerve damage to the infant. The woman in this case was awarded over $92,000 in that situation.

And in yet another incident still awaiting trial, he is accused of failing to respond to symptoms signaling the baby’s distress, and delayed performing a C-section for far too long. That baby suffered brain damage, as well.

Florida Law

Medical malpractice claims are generally filed on the basis of negligence, bad faith, and bad actors. When innocent patients put their faith in doctors who fail to deliver responsible care, Florida law empowers victims to seek compensation through the courts.

Clearly, these cases are complex, and require extensive investigation. Medical experts must be consulted, medical records examined, and interviews of a broad swath of those associated with the incident must occur. It can take months or years to arrive at a verdict. Nonetheless, if you or a loved one has been harmed due to medical malpractice, don’t be deterred from the fight for justice. At the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton, our experienced team will pursue justice on your behalf, aggressively going after the negligent individuals responsible for heart-rending medical outcomes. Contact us in Daytona & Ormond Beach to discuss the circumstances of your situation today.