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Pedestrians Lose in Auto Pedestrian Accidents


Seven months into 2018, the number of pedestrians who have been hit by motor vehicles approaches 5,000, and 325 of those incidents resulted in fatalities. Is it any wonder that foot traffic is highly vulnerable to a ton or more of steel moving at speeds that often exceed 50 or 60 miles per hour?

What Pedestrians and Drivers Should Know

 The statistics surrounding pedestrian fatalities may have implications for improving safety for pedestrians. Here’s what we know about these deadly accidents:

  • Urban areas are the sites for almost 75 percent of these fatalities;
  • Pedestrians are crossing a road outside of an intersection in seven out of ten instances;
  • Most accidents occur during hours of darkness;
  • Nearly 70 percent of accidents involve males;
  • Approximately one in twenty fatalities are children below age 15;
  • About one in five incidents involve elderly persons.

The Impact of Alcohol

 One key factor related to many of these fatalities is alcohol. Statistics indicate that in nearly half of auto pedestrian accidents, one or both parties have been drinking. While vehicle drivers are impaired 15 percent of the time, pedestrians are impaired in more than one-third of incidents.

Improving the Statistics

 Experts point to a number of things that both drivers and walkers can do to eek away at these horrendous statistics. For their part, drivers can strive to be in complete  control of their vehicles at all times. That means no impaired or fatigued driving. Additionally, drivers can make a conscious effort to watch for pedestrians, even in places they wouldn’t normally be expected. Also, paying particular care around intersections and crosswalks, coming to a full stop when signs or signals indicate so can help drivers avoid collisions. If another vehicle is stopped at a crosswalk or at flashing yellow lights, avoid passing them.

Pedestrians have both a legal and a common sense obligation to follow some basic safety suggestions, as well. Avoiding walking along roadsides while impaired is one key take-away. Additionally, pedestrians should aim for crosswalks and intersections when crossing streets, and should never assume a moving vehicle will stop just because they are present. To be clear, many, if not most of these tragic accidents, occur because drivers simply do not see the pedestrian until it is too late. Experts also suggest sticking to sidewalks and pathways when available, and walking against traffic when no paths are available.

Following an Accident

 When auto pedestrian collisions occur, the injuries are usually dramatic, if not fatal. In the event you or a loved one is the object of such a collision, the physical pain and suffering will no doubt be accompanied by emotional trauma, as well. The search for justice should not go unanswered.  At the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton,we understand the complexities of these situations, and will doggedly pursue that justice on your behalf. For a confidential consultation, contact us in Daytona & Ormond Beach today.