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News Reports Indicate Surge of Cars That Smash into the Storefronts Across Florida


According to new studies out of Palm Beach County, security camera video can rarely capture just how devastating the situation can be when a vehicle slams into the front of a store.

When a driver loses control of his or her vehicle, even going at relatively slow speeds, smashing through a storefront can lead to significant damage and injuries.

In fact, hundreds of individuals are hurt or killed every single year when cars crash into homes, stores and buildings. If a vehicle is out of control and slams into your residence or your place of work, you may be eligible to recover compensation via a Florida personal injury lawsuit.

It is important to take action as soon as possible and be evaluated for your injuries and consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.

In fact, this can make a tremendous difference in whether or not you are able to recover compensation and focus on getting better. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shares that in 2015, as many as 2000 crashes led to injuries, 65 crashes led to 67 separate deaths and 10,000 crashes involved property damage.

A new volunteer website known as Storefront Safety Council is also taking the lead in tracking storefront crashes. These incidents can happen as many as 60 times any single day and Florida is the worst offender.

The majority of storefront crashes involve younger drivers, elderly people who mistake the gas pedal for the brake and drunk drivers. Safety bollards could help to prevent the devastating damage and injuries that result from these kinds of accidents.

Texas A&M University has started testing bollards for individual stores in the most recent years. These can often include steel pipes and can cost as much as $800 to have installed but could significantly cut down on insurance and damage cost.

These crashes can be extremely expensive for property owners and insurance companies in the form of building repairs and medical costs.

Only Orange and Dade Counties have rules in Florida about structures store owners must put out front. Palm Beach County, however, does not. These kinds of accidents can yield catastrophic injuries for those inside the store.

In just a couple of seconds, people inside and around the exterior of the store may not be able to get out of the way of an accident. Yet the repercussions of just a few seconds can be far-reaching.

Anyone inside a retail establishment does not expect that a car will come traveling through the storefront at a relatively high rate of speed and this can catch them off guard and leave them susceptible to critical or even life threatening injuries.

If you have been hurt after someone else slammed into a storefront or other establishment due to their own negligence, you may be entitled to recover compensation via a personal injury claim.

The best way to protect yourself is to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney sooner rather than later. Only a lawyer can evaluate the facts of your case and determine the most appropriate steps moving forward.

Compensation from a personal injury claim may be the only way that you are able to focus on your recovery and put this unfortunate incident behind you. Don’t make the mistake of minimizing your injuries and not realizing this until too late.

If you act swiftly, you may be able to recover funds by filing a personal injury claim, but you need a lawyer’s insight to help with this. A lawyer can help you from the moment you make it through an accident like this until your claim is resolved or settled.

The sad reality is that storefront crashes can nearly always be prevented, whether it’s drivers paying more attention or storefronts putting up better barriers in the front.

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Get Help from Florida Car Accident Attorney Today

The damage and injuries that can result from just a couple of seconds of a car coming through the front window of a store may leave the lives of victims irreparably damaged.

If you have questions about whether or not you have grounds for a personal injury claim, you need to consult with a lawyer today.

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