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Motorcycle Accidents


Out for a Saturday night spin on his motorcycle, one man and his passenger entered a Riverview intersection, never imagining that this would be their last ride. When a drunk driver making a left turn careened into them, the motorcyclists were thrown from their bike. Despite wearing helmets, the driver was killed instantly; his passenger survived just a few hours longer. The scenario shines a light on just how important it is for drivers to make themselves aware of motorcycles on the road, and how critical it is for motorcycles to make themselves as visible as possible. If, despite your best efforts, you are involved in a motorcycle accident, a local personal injury attorney can help.

Alarming Statistics

The troubling fact is, motorcyclist fatalities occur at 28 times the rate of other vehicle deaths. In 2017, almost 5,000 motorcyclists were killed across the country.

Staying Safe

By analyzing crash data, we can make some pretty strong inferences about things motorcyclists can do to improve their odds on the road:

  • Drive sober: One in four fatal motorcycle accidents in 2016 involved motorcyclists with a blood alcohol content level (BAC)that exceeded legal limits;
  • Don’t get high before riding: While numbers aren’t in yet, there is concern that with legalized marijuana in many states, the number of drivers who are not in complete control of their faculties may increase;
  • Stay focused on the road. An increase in distracted drivers is connected with a rise in motorcycle crashes, and more than 20 percent of motorcycle fatalities in 2016 involved collisions with fixed objects.
  • Wear a helmet: One study found that over 800 lives could have been saved in 2016 alone, if the riders had simply been wearing a helmet. In Florida, 50 percent of fatalities involved riders who not helmeted.
  • Wear protective clothing: heavy denim or leather will help protect your limbs in the event of a skid, and boots will provide some defense for feet and ankles should you be involved in an accident;
  • Make sure your bike has antilock brakes so you don’t have to worry about your brakes locking up;
  • Take a training course: There are plenty of organizations around that assist motorcyclists in training and licensing; nonetheless, over a quarter of fatal accidents in 2016 involved riders who did not have a valid motorcycle license;
  • Follow posted speed limits: One-third of motorcycle fatalities in 2016 involved riders who were driving too fast;
  • Make yourself visible and keep your distance from other vehicles: keep headlights on even in daylight, and wear bright and/or reflective clothing;
  • Keep your bike in good working condition: regularly check headlights, brakes, signals, tread, and fluids.

Despite Caution and Preparation…

Even if you take every precaution and you follow every law, your lack of visibility on a motorcycle puts you at risk. If a driver is distracted, negligent, or reckless, and you or a loved one suffers the consequences, you need the experienced and aggressive legal team at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton on your side. Contact us today for a confidential consultation in Daytona & Ormond Beach.


Daytona & Ormond Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Daytona & Ormond Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Personal injury attorney fighting successfully for motorcycle accident victims in Daytona Beach, FL

motorcycle accidentAttorney Robert W. Elton in Daytona Beach has been successfully representing those injured in motorcycle accidents for years. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, then chances are the other driver is at fault. Over 90 percent of motorcyclists who are involved in crashes sustain injuries and a large number of those drivers find they have been hurt in a serious manner.

The road to recovery can be long and hard. You need an experienced Daytona & Ormond Beach motorcycle accident attorney who will fight vociferously for you in order to receive a fair settlement that is rightfully yours.

Studies and Statistics: Motorcycle Accidents

The facts and figures concerning motorcycle accidents tell a harrowing story. Over the years, numerous reports have shown that motorcycle riders are often the victims of negligent car and truck operators.

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is connected to car drivers not recognizing an oncoming cyclist who has the right of way. This often results in a collision that can have devastating and lasting effects on the cyclist.

As a motorcycle rider, you are completely open to the road, which means that any accident can result in harsh and severe injuries. There is nothing to soften the impact of an accident.

For motorcyclists, major injuries are commonplace, even in accidents that would commonly render minor injuries if the collision had occurred between two cars.

In 2010, a Florida Traffic Crash Statistics Report studied over 8,000 motorcycle crashes over the period of a decade, and it revealed that cyclists endured more than 7,400 injuries.

The report also showed that 60 percent of all accidents involving motorcycles were caused by drivers operating automobiles.

Another study conducted by motorcycle researcher Harry Hurt, showed that drivers did not yield to the cyclists’ right of way. Study results showed that the driver of the car did not see the oncoming motorcycle, thus rendering them negligent.

Although this seems like an elemental mistake, the fact is drivers are too often distracted or inattentive when at an intersection. As a result, they do not take the necessary time to look for and recognize an oncoming motorcycle.

Also, drivers often lose sight of cyclists when traveling on highways, which is one of the most common causes of accidents.

FAQs :

Common Injuries

Attorney Elton has seen many motorcyclists who bear terrible injuries since they are unprotected and extremely vulnerable when they are impacted by an accident.

Some of the most common injuries for motorcyclists include:

  • Traumatic brain injury, which often results in memory loss and loss of brain function.
  • Spinal and back injuries, with the result being ongoing problems with functionality and motor skills.
  • Bone fractures, which can be agonizing and can hinder one’s ability to function physically.
  • Disfigurement, which is a life-changing occurrence that has numerous psychological and physical effects.
  • Road rash, which results when a motorcyclist is propelled across the pavement or ground, is extremely painful, but of all common injuries the least threatening.

Many times, due to any of the injuries above, a motorcyclist will be unable to work for months or even years. In a worst case scenario, they are disabled to the degree that they have little ability to function on their own and are incapable of ever returning to work.

I am Here with You

Attorney Robert W. Elton offers individualized service to all clients and is especially adept at representing those who have been injured in motorcycle accidents.

Using thorough investigative methods, accident reconstruction, and expert testimony, I will build a strong case on your behalf that I will aggressively pursue prior to going to trial, and, if necessary, in a civil courtroom.

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