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If Workplace Asbestos Exposure Has Caused Serious Harm


Were you one of the many workers who spent decades exposed to asbestos before research came out linking it to respiratory illnesses and cancer? The fact is, thousands of people suffer from health issues related to asbestos contact on a daily basis in this country, and 10,000 of them die every year as a result of asbestos exposure. You, too, may now be experiencing health problems that are the result of your work. Fields such as construction, roofing, electrical work, insulation work, painting, shipyard work, and firefighting are just a handful of the occupations with high levels of occupational exposure to asbestos. If you believe your ailments are connected to that exposure, a good personal injury attorney may be able to help you recoup damages to help with expenses associated with your health problems.

Severe Risks

Asbestos is hidden in all kinds of materials, unbeknownst to many workers. When those materials are disturbed through drilling, sandblasting, or cutting, microscopic particles may be released into the air. These fibers may be airborne for hours, posing a risk to anyone who might breathe in the miniscule specks. When they are inhaled, they have the potential to lodge in and around the lungs, causing inflammation and scarring for weeks, years, and even decades. Symptoms may not become apparent for as many as 50 years or more, when it is difficult to treat successfully. Mesothelioma is the most common disease connected to this ghastly exposure, but several other serious conditions are linked to asbestos:

  • COPD: A respiratory disease impacting ease of breathing;
  • Lung Cancer: Four percent of lung cancer cases are linked to asbestos exposure;
  • Pleural Plaques: A condition typified by thickening lining surrounding the lungs;
  • Asbestosis: When lung tissue becomes scarred due to embedded fibers.

Secondary Exposure

 In addition to workplace exposure, the deadly fibers may actually affect the health of individuals who never came near the area of exposure. How? If a worker experiences contact with asbestos, the fibers may become attached to hair, skin, shoes and clothing. The particles hitchhike to the worker’s home, becoming dangerous to family members who unknowingly become exposed. To be clear, there is no safe or acceptable level of exposure to asbestos: so even limited secondary exposure can result in disease.

Asbestos in Florida

 Whenever a building is renovated or demolished, asbestos-containing materials may be released into the environment. Beyond these types of projects, many chemical plants, shipyards, and industries associated with asbestos are found in the Sunshine State. Tons of the substance is processed here, so the incontrovertible potential for asbestos exposure is a real concern.

 Your Rights Following Exposure

 If you or a loved one is suffering the effects of asbestos due to workplace exposure, you may wish to consider filing a claim documenting your work and health history. The experienced team at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton in Daytona Beach can assist you with the legal work ahead. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation today.