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How to Solve the Most Common Issues After a Motorcycle Accident

It’s a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon, and you are spending it cruising down the Ormond Beach area. You’re enjoying the sights, sounds, and your day off doing one of your favorite things: cruising on your bike. Then, out of nowhere, you’re in an accident. Where did that come from? And, suddenly, your whole life is different…

Sound familiar? Maybe this has happened to you or to someone you love, and now you are paying (quite literally) all the costs for your injuries and medical expenses. These are just some of the common issues that happen after a motorcycle accident… Read more about some common issues that victims face after a motorcycle accident here.

Read on to learn more reasons, and how you can overcome them with an Ormond Beach motorcycle accident attorney.

Injuries. First things first. If you were involved in any kind of motorcycle—whether minor or severe—you likely sustained some injuries, if not major ones in which you were hospitalized. Regardless of whether you needed a couple of stitches to a couple of surgeries, you now have medical bills on your shoulders.

Medical bills: The Cost for Care …Which brings us to our next point: medical bills. From examinations to procedures to visits and appointments with various doctors and specialists, Health care isn’t cheap.

And why should you have to pay for these costs if you weren’t the one who caused the accident?

Expensive Medications. In addition to medical appointments and other expenses, you probably also need medications to help you cope with the pain and discomfort associated with your injuries. Much like health care, there are some pretty expensive medications out there, and you might be prescribed some of them to help you cope with the pain.

Again, is it fair that you have to pay an arm and leg (maybe even literally!) for expensive medications for an accident you didn’t cause?

Communication and Correspondence. From communicating with doctors, specialists, insurance companies, and even the other driver(s) involved in the accident, the paperwork and correspondence can get out of control. And who has time to deal with all this when you don’t feel well and you are trying to recover? Or if you are trying to go to work around appointments and to avoid lost wages?

Legal Fees. While it’s helpful to have an Ormond Beach motorcycle accident attorney on your side representing you through your accident claim, you are likely worried about how you are going to pay legal fees in addition to your medical bills, lost wages, and the list goes on. How do you manage all of it, and try to get better?

Fatal Facts. Most motorcycle accidents involve severe injuries. Even a minor “fender-bender” on a bike can give victims some pretty severe back pain or even cause whiplash.

In addition, most motorcycle accidents are fatal. Why? Motorcycle accidents turn fatal when drivers choose not to wear helmets, and even happen off road! In fact, approximately 80 percent of motorcycle fatalities occur off road!

Check out this site here to read more statistics about fatal motorcycle accidents.

Questions? Ask an Experienced Ormond Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have some of these questions, and many more, don’t fret. You can work with an Ormond Beach motorcycle accident attorney on each of the points above. He can also answer your questions, and help you in the areas where you need help the most.

An Ormond Beach motorcycle accident attorney can prepare a case in your defense against the insurance companies to get you the best possible settlement, which can help cover all the costs and expenses that you are worried about—including lost wages.

Visit here to learn more about how an Ormond Beach motorcycle accident attorney can help you with your claim.


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