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Hotel Hazards That Harm You


Getting a change of scenery can be like getting a breath of fresh air: having someone else take care of tidying up the room, enjoying room service, relishing a cocktail in a tranquil lounge, or relaxing by the pool are things most people really enjoy, whether away on business or pleasure.But what happens if your hotel stay turns into a nightmare? That’s when a consult with a local personal injury attorney may be worthwhile.

Goals of Hotels 

In point of fact, hotels are hoping to make a profit, which requires the overall satisfaction of their guests. Managers work to ensure that hotel operations flow smoothly, providing a safe, enjoyable experience for hotel patrons. Unfortunately, in some instances, they simply fall short of these basic aims.

Health and Safety Issues

The number of things that can go wrong during a hotel stay is endless, although certain problems seem to be more common:

  • Attacks by intruders, other people staying at the hotel, or hotel staff;
  • Alcohol services to underaged individuals;
  • Slip and fall injuries;
  • Illnesses related to food provided by the hotel;
  • Problems related to elevators and/or escalators;
  • Falls on stairs;
  • Drowning and/or accidents in the pool area;
  • Bed bugs.

Negligence at the Root of the Problem

While accidents may happen that are no fault of the hotel, in some instances management negligence is the bottom-line cause of injuries. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Insufficient or poorly trained security personnel;
  • Poor lighting;
  • A lack of warning signs around hazardous areas, such as wet floors or out-of-order escalators;
  • Improperly cleaned or maintained premises.

Legal Cases

 The courts weigh claims against hotels when customers believe that negligence was a key factor in their injuries:

  • One woman, who incurred nearly a quarter of a million dollars in medical bills after tripping over a rug that was bunched up near the hotel lobby, was paid $1 million by the hotel chain;
  • When an 11-year old boy was electrocuted as a result of shoddy adherence to electrical codes in the hotel pool area, the family turned to the courts for relief. This case is still pending;
  • One hotel guest sued the chain after falling down a flight of stairs, claiming that poor lighting was the key factor leading to the fall;
  • When a sports reporter was filmed in the nude, she sued the hotel for $2 million for negligence leading to invasion of privacy and emotional distress;
  • A verdict of $2.4 million was upheld after a fatal fall down stairs that lacked a center handrail due to recent carpet replacement;
  • After staying in a room infested with bedbugs, one guest sued the hotel for failing to provide a sanitary room, resulting in physical and emotional harm.

Following a Hotel Disaster

 If your hotel stay leads to serious health issues, you are not alone. At The Law Offices of Robert W. Elton we will aggressively fight for justice on your behalf. Contact us in Daytona & Ormond Beach for a confidential consultation.