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Holiday Driving Safety: Avoiding A Collision Out-Of-State


There is no convenient time to experience problems on the road, but perhaps everyone could agree that one of the worst times to encounter difficulties is during the holidays. Unfortunately, most travelers make their holiday visits via car, meaning roadways are more crowded than ever, and your holiday commute is packed with hazards. If you are involved in an out-of-state accident, many questions will arise. Here are some tips to help you get to your destination safely:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good shape:
    • Tire pressure should be optimal and tread depth appropriate;
    • Wiper blades should be working well;
    • Make sure fluid levels are topped off;
    • Battery should be charged and ready to go, and you should carry working jumper cables;
    • Make sure you have a spare tire in case of emergency, along with a jack and other tools you may need.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle:
    • Traction mats or sand to get you out of tight spots;
    • Small shovel;
    • Flashlights with working batteries;
    • Road flares or triangles;
    • Phone charger;
    • Water and snacks to keep everyone comfortable;
    • Things to entertain the kids with.
  • Map your route in advance;
  • Check weather conditions and be prepared;
  • Get a good night’s sleep before your trip and take a break from driving every couple of hours;
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Feeling pressured or fatigued can make you dangerous behind the wheel;
  • Register or update your emergency contact information (ECI), as it will enable law enforcement to contact loved ones in the event of an emergency;
  • Share your travel plans with your family or friends;
  • If you have car trouble, pull over as far to side of the road as possible;
  • Keep an eye on gas levels and fill up frequently;
  • Be particularly alert: holiday weekends typically see an increase in drunk drivers;
  • Follow posted speed limits, and don’t get frustrated if heavy traffic causes slow-downs;
  • Wear seat belts, and make sure small children are restrained in appropriate car seats or booster seats.
  • Drive sober.

If you are Involved in an Out-of-State Accident

If, despite your best intentions, you are involved in a collision out of Florida state, chances are you will experience some apprehension as to handle the situation. As with all accidents, you should call 911, address medical issues, exchange insurance information, and document the facts through photos and notes as much as possible.

If, after the event, you decide to pursue legal action against the other party to deal with serious personal injuries, be aware that you will have to work within the legal framework of the state in which the accident occurred. At the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton, our experienced legal team will research the incident and put forth a strong case on your behalf. Contact us today in Daytona & Ormond Beach for a free, confidential consultation.