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Hazards For Road Construction Workers

Warning Road Sign

It seems you can’t get anywhere these days without encountering those orange barrels indicative of road construction. If you are an employee in the road construction arena, business is good. Nonetheless, it is a dangerous way to make a living. If you are injured while on the job, you may benefit from the services of a good personal injury attorney.

Injuries, and even fatalities of road construction workers, are far too common in this country. In fact, over 1,000 workers lost their lives over a seven-year period, and roughly seven percent of those deaths occurred in Florida. Which occupational workers experience fatal injuries at road construction sites? There are many at risk, including the following:

  • Construction laborers;
  • Truck and tractor trailer drivers;
  • Highway maintenance workers;
  • Paving and tamping equipment operators;
  • Bridge construction workers;
  • Utility construction workers;
  • Crossing guards.

Worker Safety Parameters

Federal regulations provide five very specific guidelines to ensure the safety of road construction workers:

  • Training: Every worker must be trained on ways to reduce vulnerability when it comes to motor vehicle traffic;
  • Temporary Traffic Barriers: These safety barricades must be spaced in order to provide workers a safe barrier from adjacent traffic;
  • Reduction of Speed: Flaggers or law enforcement should be available to ensure traffic proceeds at a reduced speed when lanes are reduced;
  • Minimized Activity Areas: Attempts should be made to reduce the area used to back up construction vehicles and minimize exposure to traffic;
  • Hazard Assessment: Someone on site should be trained to assess hazards determine whether safety measures should be implemented with regard to engineering, personal protection, or administrative procedures.

Additional Safety Measures

There are a number of simple measures that should be taken to provide additional safety to road construction workers:

  • Employ temporary traffic control devices;
  • Illuminate the work zone;
  • Provide highly visible attire and hardhats;
  • Develop traffic control protocols;
  • Maintain equipment and certifications;
  • Keep accurate records.

Fatal Accidents

Well over one-tenth of fatal occupational injuries on road construction sites occur as workers proceed through a site, not while they are actually working at the site. Many of these injuries are the result of collisions with heavy equipment. The majority of fatal injuries, though, involve workers being struck by mobile equipment or motor vehicles while on the job. Incredibly, statistics indicate that workers are equally likely to be struck by construction equipment such as dump trucks, and bulldozers, as they are to be struck by cars, motorcycles or buses that are traveling through the work zone.

Other fatal accidents involve falls and contact with electric currents. Clearly, there are many hazards in road construction.

Following an Accident

If you or a loved one incurs a serious injury or death while employed at a road construction site, you need a good personal injury attorney. Let the aggressive team at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton help you obtain justice. Contact our compassionate team in Daytona & Ormond Beach today for a free, confidential consultation.