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You plan a fun outing, and wind up in the center of a disaster. What recourse do you have if your safety is compromised when companies experience equipment failures or other problems? Consulting a local personal injury attorney may be a good idea.

Case in Point

A Port Richey shuttle boat was heading out to the Tropical Breeze Casino as usual on January 14, 2018. But this trip was anything but ordinary. On this occasion, the shuttle’s engine had problems, resulting in a fire.

As the vessel turned back toward shore, the flames really took hold. One woman caught on fire and jumped into the shallow water, followed by dozens others. At the end of the night, the women who’d been aflame lost her life, and 14 others experienced a range of injuries. Neighbors who witnessed the wet and frazzled casino patrons and the boat crew come ashore provided towels, blankets and comfort as the boat went up in flames.

While the captain is being heralded for having turned the boat around, thus enabling passengers to get to shore, the exact cause of the fire remains a mystery. Tropical Breeze Casino’s spokeswoman expressed the company’s deep sorrow for the loss of life. But is that going to be enough?

Wrongful Death

 When someone dies as a result of negligence, breach of contact, or wrongful acts, the legal term is wrongful death. Without knowing the facts of this particular case, it is impossible to know if these were factors in the death of an individual. If investigators find that maintenance schedules or other duties related to the fire were neglected, it could be a case of wrongful death. Likewise, if the contract is deemed to have been voided, or if intentional misconduct is found to have occurred, Florida statute entitles the estate of the deceased to sue for damages. In that case, the company may be liable for funeral costs, lost wages, loss of companionship, attorneys fees, and other associated costs.

Personal Injury

Other individuals were injured in this particular incident, both physically and emotionally, which begs the question: what recourse do individuals have when they experience a traumatic experience such as the one here?

The basics of Florida personal injury laws state that, in order to file a claim, it must be demonstrated that the company in question was duty-bound to keep you safe, but failed in that duty. If serious injuries result from an incident, a lawsuit may be filed, asking for compensation to cover:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost present and future wages;
  • Property damage;
  • Costs incurred due to your inability to carry out your normal duties;
  • Pain and suffering and related non-economic damages.

Explore your Options

If you experience significant injuries, or even lose a loved one, due to the failure of an organization to protect you from harm, you may be entitled to damages. Contact us at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton in Florida for a free, confidential consultation,