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Florida Youth Detention Centers: Cesspools Of Violence And Aggression


So your teen has had a run in with the law and is spending some time in juvenile detention. As a parent, you are praying that paying a consequence for misguided, yet illegal teenage hijinks will result in a healthy respect for the law and a future lacking in impulsive decisions that could have more serious results. But physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse? That’s not what you signed up for. Unfortunately, Florida’s youth detention facilities have a record of just such abuses. If your teen has been the victim of unlawful treatment in such a facility, you may benefit from the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Rampant Abuse

 Research indicates that from the early 1970s systematic abuse of youngsters in teen prisons has occurred throughout the country. In fact, one in eight incarcerated youth experience sexual abuse while locked up. Recent revelations of Florida’s youth detention system are just as alarming. Employees routinely abused detainees, bribed them, or coerced them to participate in malicious attacks on fellow prisoners. Some teens were compelled to participate in staged fights that employees gambled on. Mixed martial arts, gloveless boxing, and all out gang fights have resulted in multiple injuries, and even death. Since the year 2000, there have been a dozen or more questionable fatalities of juveniles while in detention.

Honey Bunning

 One of the most frequent abuses in Florida youth detention facilities involves what those in the juvenile system refer to as Honey Bunning. This engages employees bribing detainees with honey buns and other sweet treats or fast food to commit violent acts against other teens in the facility. If a youth refuses to participate? Punishment ensues under the direction of detention officers.

A-town Romps

 Jumping with two feet on another inmate, while others punch, slam, stomp, and kick at the fallen teen, is known in some facilities as an A-town stomp. In the best of circumstances, youth wind up with bumps and bruises, and maybe a few broken bones. In others, the results can be concussions, severe emotional trauma, internal bleeding, and death.

Florida “Fight Clubs”

 Video footage from a number of youth facilities shows inmates engaged in vicious fighting under the watchful eye of employees, many of whom had placed bets on the fights. Recent injuries include broken jaws, noses, and other cuts and bruises.

Derelict Employees

 How can such practices go on for years at these facilities? Indications are that staffing problems are inherent in the system. Hundreds of employees in these places have bounced in and out of employment due to falling asleep at work, moral character issues, serious breaches of protocols, or just not showing up for work. Furthermore, individuals with felony records can get a job in a youth detention facility in this state.

Unbelievable but True

 As unbelievable as it all sounds, youth in Florida detention have experienced horrific trauma over the years. If your child is one of them, justice is not a pipe dream. Share your story with the aggressive legal team at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton. Our experienced legal team is eager to address the physical and psychological issues your child has endured in a court of law. Contact our Daytona & Ormond Beach offices today.