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Florida Highway Accidents


When a truck rear-ended a van in May 2018, it resulted in several serious injuries and one fatality. The van’s driver lost control of the vehicle and went hurtling across the median, ejecting a number of passengers. Five individuals were airlifted to a nearby hospital.

When lives are lost, or seriously impacted due to a motor vehicle accident, what recourse do victims have? A local personal injury attorney can answer this, and other questions related to an accident.

Florida Crash Statistics

 The sad fact is there are far too many traffic accidents in Florida, many of them putting people in the hospital, or even worse, the morgue. Consider the data for the year 2017 alone:

  • Nearly 400,000 crashes;
  • Approaching 200,000 injuries;
  • Just under 3,000 fatalities;
  • Over 9,000 collisions involving pedestrians;
  • More than 600 pedestrian fatalities;
  • Over 6,500 collisions with bicycles;
  • More than 100 bicycle fatalities.

Most Dangerous Highway in America

 Florida holds the dubious distinction of being home to the most dangerous highway in the country: Interstate 4.  If the roadway is divided into three areas, the section near Tampa saw over 500 accidents, the area near Plant City approached 400, and almost 800 occurred near Disney World. Here’s a startling statistic: Interstate 4 averages 1.4 fatalities per mile. In a study of accidents on this roadway in the last couple of years, some harrowing conclusions were drawn:

  • The most perilous section of I-4 is between Lakeland and Orlando, going right past Disney World;
  • The highest number of accidents occurred between Champions Gate and SeaWorld.

 More Florida Roads Rank as Highly Dangerous

 The road with the most fatalities in the country also belongs to Florida: Highway 1. That roadway alone has been the site for over 1,000 fatal accidents in the last ten years.

Highway 41 ranks second in the nation for fatalities, with over 700 deadly crashes. And Florida has the third most deadly highway, as well: US 27, where more than 500 fatal accidents occurred.

Other Florida roadways known to have multiple fatalities include U.S. 441, U.S. 17, and U.S. 98.

Safety on the Road 

At the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton, we encourage drivers to remain alert, avoid distractions, and take basic safety measures like wearing seat belts in order to ensure a safe trip. In the event you are a victim of another driver’s recklessness or negligence, you may be entitled to reparations to address costs associated with property damage, injury, death, lost wages, and more. Contact our Ormond Beach or Daytona Beach office to schedule your free consultation today. Our experienced legal team is anxious to address the issues particular to your case, and will stridently pursue justice on your behalf.