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Fatal Motorcycle Accidents


When you’re on a motorcycle, there’s not a lot of room for error on the road. Without the protection that passenger cars and other vehicles have by nature of their design, motorcyclists are at risk of serious injury or death in any collision. And in Florida, the chances of a motorcycle fatality are greater than in any other state in the country.

Deadly Crashes

 In far too many cases, a day of freedom and joy on the road turns deadly. Some recent cases here in the state illustrate just how serious the problem is:

  • When an SUV attempted a left turn on Minton Road, it cut directly into the pathway of three motorcyclists who were going straight. The lead biker, just 24 years old, collided directly into the side of the SUV and was killed.
  • The car behind a 57-year-old motorcyclist struck him on U.S.-27. The force of the impact threw him from his bike. He, too, was killed.
  • Both the biker and a pedestrian were killed on U.S. 19 when the motorcyclist careened into a man who was crossing the road.
  • S. 19 was the site of another vehicle-motorcycle crash, occurring when the passenger car attempted a left turn as the motorcycle approached. The motorcyclist died on the scene.

Why is Florida so Dangerous for Motorcyclists?

There are nearly 600,000 motorcycles on the road in Florida. The sheer number of bikes out on the roads means there is a greater likelihood for accidents than in other states. Additionally, Florida has terrific weather for bikers year-round. So the number of hours each rider spends on a motorcycle is likely higher in Florida than in states like Utah or Colorado, who suffer through freezing winters. While true, these facts do nothing to ease the pain of families who lose loved ones every day in the Sunshine State.

Protecting Yourself

 Ideally, motorists would always be on the lookout for smaller, less visible motorcycles, and would drive with extreme caution at all times. But we all know that drivers are not always sober, focused, and alert. Careless mistakes put motorcyclists at serious risk every time they get on the road. But there are obvious steps bikers can take to increase their chances out there:

  • Wear a helmet;
  • Stay alert and sober;
  • Avoid stunts and reckless driving;
  • Increase visibility by using headlights even during the day, and by wearing bright clothing and reflective strips;
  • Make sure your bike is in good condition;
  • Don’t ride a motorcycle that is too large or powerful for you to handle safely;
  • Drive defensively and keep your distance from other vehicles;
  • Use extreme caution in intersections.

Following an Accident

If you or a loved one is the victim of a serious motorcycle crash, you need legal help immediately. Contact the aggressive and experienced legal team at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton in Daytona & Ormond Beach today for a confidential consultation.