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Facts Everyone Should Know About Motorcycle Racing in Daytona Beach

Unfortunately, car and motorcycle racing in Daytona Beach is a contributor to dangerous personal injury accidents that leave victims paying the price—physically and financially.

Individuals pulling up next to one another at a red light or stop light might try to encourage the car next to them to engage in racing. Not only is this illegal, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Individuals inside the vehicle and pedestrians and cyclists could end up with devastating injuries.

Read on to learn more about some of the safety tips associated with these kinds of incidents and how avoiding motorcycle racing in Daytona Beach can minimize the chances that you’ll be hurt in a serious accident.

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High Performance Motorcycles – Sport and Super Sport

Although high performance motorcycles make up a small percentage of the overall number of motorcycles on the roads across Florida, these vehicles are involved in a disproportionate number of accidents. These are split into two categories known as sport motorcycles and super sport motorcycles.

Super Sport – A super sport motorcycle is constructed on a racing platform but has been modified for use on the highway. These can go up to 160 miles/hour.

The majority of super sport motorcycle enthusiasts are under age 30, and could also be a contributing factor to the higher accident rate among this age group.

Sport – Sport motorcycles are somewhat similar to super sport cycles but there is a lower power to ratio. Just like super sport motorcycles, those who tend to drive these vehicles tend to be under the age of 34.

When compared with conventional motorcycles, the death rate of super sport motorcycle accidents is four times higher. Individuals who are attempting to race these vehicles on the road put themselves at significant risk of being injured in an accident but they also put other cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicle passengers at risk.

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Street Racing

Street racing refers to situations where two vehicles in Daytona Beach are competing alongside one another in a race for acceleration. Drivers will proceed down a straight line until they reach the finish line without stopping.

This is true regardless of the current traffic regulations. Likewise, drag racing, is a similar motorsport that is only official when performed on tracks and in sanctioned races.

There are three primary types of races on the road involving vehicles that you should watch out for, which include:

  • Planned racing events where there are bets or money on the line.
  • Parties where groups of racers take over lanes on the highways.
  • Spontaneous race contests between drivers at stop signs or red lights on public roads.

Many individuals who engage in street racing using a motorcycle or a vehicle are addicted to the high risks and the adrenaline associated with these contests. But it doesn’t stop there. Street racing also endangers innocent individuals, bystanders, and passengers.

Learn more about the of motorcycle accidents here.

Other Legal Issues Tied to Car and Motorcycle Racing

Street racing in Florida is illegal and can carry up to one year in jail and suspension of an individual’s driver’s license. That being said, individuals across Daytona Beach and around Florida still engage in this behavior regardless of the potential criminal penalties of being caught.

However, what many racers do not realize is that they could also be held liable if they cause an accident that leaves someone else paying the price with injuries.

You can read more about the laws on street racing in Florida here.

Choosing to Work with a Daytona Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Means We Both Win…

If you or someone in your family has been injured by street racing in Daytona Beach, then you may have recourse to file a personal injury accident to fight for compensation.

You will need a Daytona Beach personal injury lawyer to walk you through your options, and guide you through a successful claim and tell you more about what is necessary in order to file a claim.

It is imperative to get legal advice sooner rather than later to make informed decisions so that you can make an informed decision about your case.

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