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Does Sandal Season Mean Infection?


Women everywhere treat themselves to a pedicure to pamper their feet and acquire lovely microscopic threats  to your health.

Common Ailments

 If you leave the salon with more than pretty polish, you could be in for some serious problems. Some common issues include several nasty infections:

  • Bacteria that infect the skin surrounding the nails cause nail fold infections, such as paronychia;
  • Nail fungus can be spread from one client to another via the footbath;
  • Follicular infections are a big risk when mycobacteria reach your bloodstream through an open wound that is submerged in the footbath;
  • Plantar warts love moisture and warmth, and can enter your skin through cuts or wounds;
  • Aging and skin cancer are always risks when UV lights are used, and is a particular risk over time;
  • Serious infections such as Hepatitis B and MRSA can be gotten from tools and equipment that is not sterilized properly;
  • Thinning nails due to long-term acrylic nails can promote the growth of yeast, fungus and bacteria;
  • Long-term boils and scarring can occur due to mycobacterium fortuitum;
  • Solvents used in salons can cause irritation to the respiratory system, and links to cancer are being studied.

Are Salons Responsible for the Problems?

Three out of four nail salons neglect to adhere to disinfection protocols. Infections can occur due to salon shortcomings, including:

  • Failing to sterilize tools in an autoclave;
  • Failing to clean the footbath and screens properly;
  • Using liquid disinfectants, but failing to soak tools for the proper length of time;
  • Pedicurists accidentally cutting the skin;
  • Using credo blades to shave calluses is both illegal and unsafe.

Protecting Yourself

For those who simply cannot part with their pedicure routines, there are some simple things you can do to protect your health:

  • Bring in your own tools;
  • Ask the pedicurist to push back cuticles rather than clip them;
  • Avoid shaving prior to your appointment;
  • Avoid wearing acrylic nails for extended periods of time;
  • Ask about sterilization procedures;
  • Schedule morning appointments, when foot baths are likely to be cleanest;
  • Never allow someone to use a community pumice stone on you;
  • Allow nails to breathe by skipping the polish every so often;
  • Pay attention: if anything gives you concern, investigate further, or find a new salon.

Following Health Issues

If health issues plague you following your visit to the foot spa, it’s possible the salon could be held liable for your medical bills. To investigate further, contact the experienced legal team at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton in Daytona & Ormond Beach. We’ll look into your claim and work to secure the best possible outcomes.