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Daytona & Ormond Beach Truck Accident Attorney

Handling tractor trailer truck accident cases in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange & Surrounding Areas

overturn truckAttorney Robert W. Elton, personal injury lawyer in Daytona Beach, FL, understands the complexities of accidents caused by commercial truck drivers. Each year in the State of Florida, commercial truck drivers are involved in and are responsible for numerous traffic accidents. Many result in severe injuries and even cause deaths of car drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Our law firm, which serves the Daytona beach area, including New Smyrna Beach, DeLand, Bunnell, Ormond Beach, Holly Hill and other nearby towns, works with the victims of such accidents to ensure that they receive the proper compensation for their injuries and losses. Contact our experienced Daytona & Ormond beach truck accident attorneys today.

Determining Who Is at Fault

It is not always an easy matter to determine who is at fault in a commercial truck accident. In fact, I have found over many years of experience in tractor trailer truck accidents that more than one party is often responsible for a truck accident that involves a commercial driver.

Along with the driver, the owner of the truck, the owner of the trucking company, the driver’s supervisor, or the owner of a truck leasing company may be named in the lawsuit.

Fault depends on how each party was involved in the events that led to the accident. This is why it is important that accident victims work with a personal injury attorneys who is experienced and is success in representing those who have been injured in such accidents.

FAQs :

Common Causes of Truck Accident

In order to be found negligent in a personal injury case, the party who is said to be at-fault must have caused the accident through their inattentiveness or error, creating a situation that results in injury to another person and/or damage to their property.

In mishaps involving trucks, there are many types of situations that can result in a driver and others associated with the incident being found guilty of negligence and liable for damages.

Common causes for such accidents include distracted driving, driver inexperience, and driving recklessly in poor road conditions or speeding. Other reasons can include driver fatigue, aggressive driving, and inattentiveness on the part of the operator.

Trucks that are improperly maintained, that have unbalanced loads, or that are overloaded may also contribute to a serious truck accident. Another factor may be driver intoxication or DUI.

Addressing Evidence in a Timely Manner is Important

If you are in a commercial truck accident and you believe the driver was at fault, contact the truck accident attorneys Daytona Beach as soon as possible. Since truck accidents can be very complex and often involve a wealth of evidence sources, it is important that your team of personal injury lawyers and associated professionals access information related to your accident quickly.

Evidence gathering and the building of your case will often include:

  • Visiting the accident scene, which must be completely investigated and analyzed by an accident recreation specialist.
  • Interviews with witnesses and recording depositions.
  • Taking the truck driver’s deposition.
  • Review and analysis of driver’s logbook, examination of his or her record, and the review of the truck maintenance schedule.
  • Analysis of various conditions, including weather, road, and traffic, as well as an evaluation of the driver’s performance at that time and in those
  • circumstances.
  • Review and analysis of victim’s report of accident, including his or her deposition.
  • Review of police report.
  • Review of EMT report.
  • Gathering and analysis of all medical reports.
  • An accounting of medical bills, lost wages, and lost property.
  • Evaluation of victim’s loss of earning potential, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.
  • A projection of future medical bills.
  • Expert, professional analysis and testimony regarding the accident and injuries to the victim.
  • Determination if punitive damages are in order.

With this information, I will be ready to represent you in civil court and aggressively pursue your lawsuit in an attempt to secure justice and fair compensation for all that you have suffered.

Consult an Experienced Daytona & Ormond Beach Truck Accident Attorney

I serve those in New Smyrna Beach, DeLand, Bunnell, Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, Palm Coast, and those throughout Volusia and Flagler counties. I am ready to help you if you have been injured and endured losses in a commercial truck accident.

Call Daytona Beach Truck accident lawyers today at 386-274-2229 or contact me online to schedule an appointment. If needed, I will gladly meet with you in a setting outside of my office, including your hospital room. Don’t delay in this important endeavor. I can help immediately.

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