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Daytona & Ormond Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Personal injury attorney Robert W. Elton aggressively pursues justice for those injured in Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycle AccidentIn the State of Florida, Attorney Robert W. Elton in Daytona Beach is aggressive in the pursuit of justice for those injured while bike riding or walking. Bike and pedestrian accidents often involve life-changing injuries since both riders and walkers are totally exposed and vulnerable when hit by motor vehicles. More than 90 percent of those who are in such accidents receive injuries that demand treatment by medical personnel. Contact our experienced Daytona & Ormond Beach pedestrian accident attorneys today.

Common Causes of Bike and Pedestrian Accidents

The most common cause of both bike and pedestrian accidents is distracted or inattentive driving. Many drivers do not pay proper attention to those who are biking along the street, walking in a crosswalk, or engaging in other activities around and along the roadway.

Other reasons for such accidents include DUI, fatigue, and speeding. In a large majority of pedestrian and bike accidents, it is the driver who is at fault due to negligent behavior.

What You Should Do

If you are in an accident while bike riding or walking as a pedestrian, call 911 for immediate medical assistance. Once the police arrive, answer their questions to your best ability. Make sure that you that you get information regarding the police officer, such as the officer’s badge number, and details regarding the driver.

When medical personal arrive allow them to examine and evaluate you. Even if you feel that your injuries are minor, it is best to see a doctor immediately after the accident.

In the State of Florida, if you are injured in a traffic accident, you must seek medical attention within fourteen days of your injuries, or you risk losing some or all of the medical benefits related to that accident.

Also, for insurance companies there is a seventy-two-hour window, which means that insurers take claims more seriously if the injured party gets medical treatment with seventy-two hours of the accident. Protect your rights as an accident victim by seeking appropriate medical personnel in a timely manner.

Finally, contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so on your own, have a loved one make the initial call.

If you contact the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton, Attorney Elton will meet with you personally at a time and place that is convenient for you.

It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible due to the fact that doing so allows your legal team to begin investigating your claim, gathering evidence, and contacting witnesses while facts regarding the incident are still fresh and familiar. This gives Attorney Elton the best chance of building a strong case on your behalf.

Types of Injuries

Those who are unprotected, such a bike riders and pedestrians, run the risk of experiencing serious injuries when they become the victims of a negligent driver.

Injuries suffered in bike and pedestrian accidents can be life-changing. Therefore, winning a civil lawsuit associated with such an incident can make the difference between one’s ability to live life in relative comfort or in despondency.

For this very reason, Attorney Elton will treat your claim with the utmost attention and respect because we recognize what is at stake.

Injuries that are commonly associated with bike and pedestrian accidents include:

  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Torn ligaments
  • Concussions
  • Coma
  • Lacerations
  • Road rash
  • Dismemberment
  • Disfigurement

Contact a Daytona & Ormond Beach Pedestrian & Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you have been the victim of a negligent driver and suffered injuries in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, do not wait to contact an attorney.An experienced personal injury attorney who has been involved in successfully bringing suit against those who are responsible for causing harm to bike riders and pedestrians will offer you the best chance of being fairly compensated for your damages.

For a free, no obligation consultation, please contact the Daytona Beach Law Offices of Robert W. Elton at 386-274-2229. Personal Injury Attorney Elton will review your accident case. After learning of your situation, he will evaluate your claim and provide you with various options regarding your case.

If you decide to pursue a lawsuit, Attorney Elton will be tenacious in his efforts to secure either a fair pretrial settlement with the plaintiff and his or her insurance company or a victory in civil court.

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