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Dangers You’d Never Suspect: Keeping Kids Safe


When making purchases for the home, we all look for good deals on items to create a cozy environment for our families. No one anticipates that those purchases could wind up causing serious harm, or even death, for our family members. Sometimes the most innocent of purchases pose real danger in the home, especially for young children. Being cognizant of some common hazards that tend to escape notice as you childproof your home can mean the difference between health and disaster.


 It may be surprising to learn that the number of children who experience injuries after furniture tips over onto them is in the thousands every year in this country. More alarming is the fact that roughly two children are killed monthly due to tip-overs. The piece of furniture most often involved in these accidents? Dressers. So how can a concerned shopper determine whether or not a potential purchase is a safe one? According to Consumer Reports, there is really no way to evaluate dressers by looking at them in a catalogue or in a furniture store. As a matter of fact, they tested dozens of dressers in all sizes and shapes, and across various price ranges, and no one design seemed innately superior to others. While they’ve made a call for the industry to strengthen standards, that takes time. In the meanwhile, there are some things consumers can do to increase safety following a purchase:

  • Bolt dressers to the wall;
  • Keep items off the top of dressers so youngsters will not be tempted to climb up to retrieve anything.

Remote Controls

Kids are often intrigued with the buttons on these devices. But consumers should be aware that remotes are made up of many small components, a choking hazard for young children. Especially dangerous are the lithium batteries that many such controls contain. These batteries could be fatal if swallowed. Experts suggest keeping remote controls out of the hands of youngsters.

Essential Oils

The rate of exposure to essential oils has doubled in less than a decade, resulting in injuries to children in 80 percent of incidents. The result of an exposure can be uncomfortable, and in some cases, very serious:

  • Vomiting and stomach discomfort;
  • Rashes;
  • Seizures;
  • Muscle feebleness;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Pneumonia;
  • Coma.

Like any medications or poisons, essential oils should be stored in a locked cupboard, and used only according to instructions.

Lotions, Cosmetics, and Powders

Many bathrooms house dozens of different products designed to care for skin, hair, nails, and so forth. To be clear, many of these commodities are filled with chemicals that can be harmful if ingested. Swallowing lotions can result in stomach and bowel problems; drinking hand sanitizer can lead to alcohol poisoning. Breathing in powders could cause issues with the lungs. The fact is, the majority of poisoning incidents involving young children involves these and other hygiene products and cosmetics. So treat them like any other hazardous substances, and keep them out of the reach of children.

Safe, Happy Kids

 At the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton, we value families and want your kids to be safe, happy and healthy. In the event tragedy arises due to product defects or manufacturer negligence, contact our experienced legal team in Daytona & Ormond Beach to help you examine legal options.