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Dangers of Electric Scooters


When one man felt something like what he called grains of sand in his mouth, he was dismayed to realize that what he was feeling were the remains of his teeth after a crash on an electric scooter that landed him face planted on the ground. In addition to pulverizing his teeth, this man’s excursion on the e-scooter left him with a broken arm. His is not a unique story.

The Appeal of Electric Scooters

Many are intrigued with the use of e-scooters for the obvious reasons: they provide a quick, inexpensive way to commute short distances with relatively little impact on the environment. Many people like the idea of this fun travel mode without the exertion of bicycling.

 Hospitals Report a Rise in Injuries

Doctors who work in emergency rooms have reported a sharp rise in the number of patients they treat following accidents related to electric scooters. That’s in addition to at least one fatality that occurred when a car struck a rider.

Risks Associated with Electric Scooters

 Electric scooters are particularly susceptible to road hazards faced by any vehicle, such as potholes and rough terrain. In addition to the challenges of maneuvering through cars and pedestrian traffic, electric scooters have a unique set of issues linked to the race of manufactures to get a product out on the market before their competitors do.  Entrepreneur Magazine reports that the possibility that companies are “cutting corners” in the rush to market their products is quite high. That may mean that consumers have to deal with both hardware and software issues. Currently, many riders are finding that the scooters are simply too vulnerable to poor weather and bumpy surfaces, leading to unwanted trips to emergency rooms.

But the issues are greater, still. Cities are trying to figure out just how to regulate the use of electric scooters in a safe and satisfactory manner. Miami officials, for example, have been fielding complaints about the devices following numerous incidents of the scooters careening into pedestrians. Jimmy Morales, the City Manager, contends that the devices are a “public safety hazard.”

Liability Following an Accident

So if a collision involving an electric scooter puts you in the hospital, who’s liable for the costs associated with your injuries? Naturally, the answer depends on the circumstances associated with the accident:

  • If the scooter malfunctioned, the manufacturer may be liable;
  • If the injury occurred when a rider was struck by a car, the driver may be liable if negligence was a factor;
  • If you were a pedestrian who was injured by a motorized scooter that veered into you, the person on the scooter may be responsible for the aftermath;
  • If the terrain on which you were riding was poorly maintained, your reasonable expectation for a safe thruway may put the liability on the property owner;
  • If you rented the electric scooter from a business and there was a problem with the performance of the device, the business may be liable if it was not properly maintained.

Your Advocate

Whatever the issue, at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton, our experienced team will work diligently to ensure you get the best outcomes possible following a personal injury. Contact us in Daytona & Ormond Beach for a confidential consultation today.