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Cruising to Personal Injury


Cruising is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and Florida is the launch point for thousands of cruises every year. If a cruise experience results in personal injury to you or a loved one, an experienced personal injury attorney can help to make things right.

Cruising Disasters

What types of accidents and mishaps might occur on a cruise? There are several classifications of cruise ship incidents:

  • Mechanical mishaps: loss of power or propulsion, fires or other inconveniences that may be lead to personal injuries;
  • Injuries related to slips or falls;
  • Disease: the most common outbreaks include Norovirus, Influenza, Legionellosis, and other gastrointestinal maladies;
  • Crimes: In addition to physical attacks or confrontational behavior from intoxicated individuals, crimes related to robbery, drugs, and fugitive warrants pose a risk to personal safety;
  • Weather-related issues: severe weather, including fog, storms, extreme waves and even hurricanes, may impact passenger safety.
  • Disasters: extremely rare, but potential disasters include collisions, capsizing, terrorist attacks, or on-shore attacks or killings;

Frightening Statistics

In a study of passenger injuries over a 3-year period on cruise ships, some startling data was discovered:

  • 663 injuries were reported;
  • Of those injuries, 62.7 percent involved women;
  • Roughly one in eight injuries were deemed serious;
  • Open wounds comprised the most common type of injuries, accounting for over 40 percent of incidents;
  • The median age of injured individuals was 72;
  • The rate of injuries was .08 per 1000 passengers;
  • 3 percent of injuries occurred on board;
  • Almost half of injuries that occurred on board were slip and fall injuries;
  • Over 20 percent of injuries occurred in cabins;
  • Over 13 percent of injuries occurred in bathrooms;
  • Nearly 4 percent of injuries occurred on tenders (during small boat ferrying);
  • 1 percent of injuries occurred ashore;
  • Streets and busses were involved in well over 30 percent of injuries;
  • Nearly 70 percent of on shore accidents involved slips and falls;

If You Experience Personal Injury

Having your cruise experience derailed due to an unexpected personal injury can leave you feeling cheated, in addition to having to deal with your injuries. You forked out a decent sum of money, expecting a memorable experience. Now you want justice. These simple steps can help to strengthen your case:

  • Read and understand your cruise contract. Your attorney can help you here;
  • Seek medical care for any injuries incurred. In addition to utilizing medical services offered on the cruise, see your own doctor when you get home;
  • Report any accidents or injuries immediately, providing as many details, including witness testimony;
  • Do not agree to any settlements offered by the cruise line prior to having your attorney peruse the details.

Your cruise experience proved to be a calamity instead of the relaxing adventures you’d expected. But that does not have to be the end of the story. If you brought home personal injuries instead of great memories from your cruise, let the experienced personal injury team at the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton work on your behalf. Contact us in Daytona and Ormond Beach today for a free, confidential consultation.