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Consumer Protection: 3 Rights You Should Know

Product LiabilityThere are both state and federal laws that protect customers from products. These laws are in place to avoid injuries that could be caused by the product. These laws govern how a product can be marketed, created, and sold. They affect distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to some degree.

Product liability laws can become very complicated quickly—there may even be special laws based on the type of product or based on what the product does.

Regardless of the type of product, however, consumers always have specific rights in place that they should know.

1. The Right to Safe Products

Every product is required to meet certain safety standards. Federal and state product liability laws touch every type of product, regardless of where it manufactured or what it does. You have a right to be safe when using any type of product. You should not fear using any type of product as long as you are using the product as intended by the manufacturer or creator.

2. The Right to Information

The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission is a federal agency that works tirelessly to help reduce consumer injuries that are caused by products. One of the most important roles that this commission plays is that it provides information to consumers. When an unsafe product is discovered, they will issue a safety alert so that consumers who are using the product or who are considering purchasing the product are aware of any potential safety hazards.

3. The Right to Bring a Lawsuit

Because you have a right to have and use safe products, if a product harms you, then you likely have the option to bring a lawsuit against anyone who caused or created the defective product. Those who are responsible for the product are strictly liable for your injuries. That means that you do not have to prove fault—the fact that the product is defective alone may be enough to gain damages in a lawsuit.

It does not matter how hard the manufacturer or creator tried to make the product safe. The only thing that matters is that the product was not safe and that you were harmed.

Your Rights are Important

Both federal and state laws regarding products want to be sure that you are safe when you use any type of product. There are several federal and state commissions and regulatory bodies who oversee many different types of products so that they are safe for your use.

If you have been harmed by using a particular product, then may have a potential legal claim. Consider working with a product liability attorney to help to protect your rights.

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