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When Your Toothache Leads To A Malpractice Lawsuit

By Robert W. Elton |

Is there anything more painful than a toothache? Many would argue that dental issues are the most horrendous of all health problems. Fortunately, a competent dentist can easily address most dental tribulations. But what happens if your visit to the dentist results in even more pain? In some instances, malpractice may be involved. Your… Read More »


When The Sun Is Trouble For Drivers In The Sunshine State

By Robert W. Elton |

While many Floridians adore the sunshine famous in the state, when the glare of the sun impairs a driver’s vision, it can be a real problem. What makes the sun a driver’s enemy at times? When the sun is rising or setting, it is often directly in the driver’s line of sight, literally causing… Read More »


Daytona Beach Roller Coaster Disaster

By Robert W. Elton |

Riders couldn’t have imagined the horror they would encounter when they boarded the Sand Blaster roller coaster on a Daytona Beach boardwalk. The June 14 derailment resulted in incalculable terror for riders and onlookers alike, as the front car completely left the tracks. Two riders in that car plummeted 34 feet to the ground,… Read More »


Exploding Shower Glass Doors

By Robert W. Elton |

When one man replaced the rollers on his shower door, he was astounded to have the door literally explode into thousands of tiny shards of glass. He was simply holding the door when the event occurred, causing numerous gashes over his hands and arms. Experiencing the same phenomenon in a wildly different situation, another… Read More »


Medicines that Make Matters Worse

By Robert W. Elton |

There are many medications on the market designed to improve symptoms of disease. Both over-the-counter and prescription medications are expected to undergo a rigorous FDA approval process before being marketed to the public. But unbeknownst to both consumers and the medical community, many of these drugs have not been approved by the FDA. Some… Read More »


New Study Says Florida is Relatively Safe for Older Drivers

By Robert W. Elton |

Baby boomers make up a significant portion of the population not just in Florida, but in the rest of the United States. Some even refer to the surge of baby boomers, those approaching retirement, as the ‘Silver Tsunami’. It looks like in some states, being an older driver makes you more likely to be… Read More »

What Does a Business Litigation Lawyer Actually Do?

By Robert W. Elton |

Even though it is invariably the corporations that make headlines every time they are accused of a wrong doing, most business-related cases are always filed against small companies. This specific area of practice is known as business litigation in the legal field. Lawsuits that basically involve contract law, class action, and malpractice suits are… Read More »

What to Consider in a Construction Dispute

By Robert W. Elton |

Construction disputes are very common occurrences, and are often due to miscommunication between a client and a contractor. When the scope of work was not executed properly or did not meet a client’s expectations, then this is likely to result in a dispute. Some disputes even arise from a failure to meet required safety… Read More »

Announcing the Launch of My Blog

By Robert W. Elton |

Welcome to the blog of the Law Offices of Robert W. Elton. My Daytona Beach, Florida, office handles cases involving personal injury and car accidents. I have more than 40 years of experience aggressively fighting for the rights of injury victims throughout Florida. Through this blog, I will inform you of important news about… Read More »