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Category Archives: Exposure


Mosquito Repellent Dangers

By Robert W. Elton |

As many of us celebrate the approach of long summer days, water parks, BBQs, and camping trips, we must also acknowledge that pesky mosquito season is nearly upon us. That means more than simple annoyance: memories of disease-carrying mosquitoes whose bite could have catastrophic effects on unborn fetuses due to West Nile Virus are… Read More »


If Workplace Asbestos Exposure Has Caused Serious Harm

By Robert W. Elton |

Were you one of the many workers who spent decades exposed to asbestos before research came out linking it to respiratory illnesses and cancer? The fact is, thousands of people suffer from health issues related to asbestos contact on a daily basis in this country, and 10,000 of them die every year as a… Read More »