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10 Ways to Stay Safe This Summer

Accidents happen. In many situations an accident can be prevented in some way or another by making smart decisions while you are outside enjoying the beautiful Florida weather. In Daytona Beach, we accommodate tourists and locals with all types of outdoor activities. When you are enjoying yourself this summer, it is possible to prevent accidents which may leae yvou or a family member injured.

Depending on your family vacation or summer activities, you and your children may easily find yourselves in potential risky situations. There are many ways to stay safe this summer like taking on the following:

Theme Parks

Be aware of what is around you. It is really easily, especially for a young child, to get distracted by all of the excitement and novelty around them and get injured. Children in strollers, toddlers walking, people eating, and more are all way too easy to run into and stumble over when you are distracted.

Don’t ever enter a restricted area in a theme park. The people that run the theme park do not restrict an area because they are hiding all of the fun; they restrict an area for the reason. At best, you will find some of the magic of a theme park destroyed but at worst you may find yourself injured as a result of trespassing. If you drop something into a restricted area, then find a staff member to help you.

Pay attention to warnings posted on rides. They are there for a reason. All too often, children stand on their tip toes to look tall enough to ride a rollercoaster, overweight people get on rides at their own risks, and adults and children ignore known health conditions. If you do not see any restrictions posted, find someone and ask. It is not worth risking your health, the safety of a family member, or hurting another passenger because you ignored a rule.

Sit properly in your seat, especially while they are buckling the seat belt. There are plenty of tricks and tips people use to try to make rides more exciting. You should never keep your seatbelt loose, leave the guardrail up too high, or undo any belt buckle while in motion. When you get moved around in a manner you should not, you can easily find yourself with a serious neck injury.

Let a staff member know if you notice any problems. If you notice any hazards around the theme park, you should let someone know. Theme parks are heavily staffed because of the number of people they have in and out of the park, especially in the high season. Look around you and you likely won’t have to move at all to find a member of the park’s staff.

Follow the directions of the staff. Especially when water is involved, you should always listen to the park staff even if the reason for their direction is not apparent right away. For example, it is not uncommon for characters to ride vehicles around the theme park for parades or other events. Although you might not see the vehicles, step out of the way at the direction of the theme park staff. When swimming, a lifeguard or staff member telling anyone to get out the water should be considered a directive to be listened to right away. You never know what is going on in the water that you cannot see.


Follow the directions listed at a pool especially if there is no lifeguard. It is important to follow the directions listed at a pool. They are there for your own safety. The majority of the swimming pools in Florida are private swimming pools at private residences which means you likely will not have a lifeguard present. If there are posted directions, follow them. If not, follow the standard directions for swimming safely.

Don’t consume alcohol and then go swimming. When you are swimming and enjoying the nice weather with a few drinks, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed by what started as a simple swim. When you are in the ocean, what looks calm can easily have strong rip currents which are not visible. Alcohol and swimming do not mix at all and you may find yourself in a tough situation unexpectedly.

Assign swimming buddies for your children. As your children get older, it is to be expected that they want to swim with their friends even if you cannot keep your eyes on them for every second. A great method to implement is to assign a swimming buddy for your child.They keep an eye on each other while they are in the water. On the other hand, it is always advisable to actively supervise your children while they are swimming.

Practice swimming pool safety when your home’s pool is not in use. If your home has a swimming pool, it should not be accessible by neighbors, even though they would technically be trespassing if they were on your property. Too many drowning deaths occur because a child did not have a barrier that prevented them from getting in the pool either accidentally or intentionally.

Visiting the beach, going to theme parks, going on a boat, taking summer road trips, and more are all important parts of enjoying your summer vacation. You deserve to have a good time this summer but you can only have your good time when you are conscious about what you are doing. What starts as a fun day can easily turn into a traumatic experience if you do not take the right precautions to prevent accidents.

If you are worried about an injury you have suffered, while on vacation or in your hometown, seek out the advice of a qualified attorney willing to assess your situation and determine if you have a case. All too often, accidents occur because one party was negligent. Whether it is product or premises liability, contact The Law Offices of Robert W. Elton in Daytona Beach to handle your case. We are available by phone at (386)-274-2229 or online at

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