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Electric Bikes And Battery Fires

By Robert W. Elton |

The newest and most exciting innovation in travel has everyone talking: electric bikes. These exciting vehicles provide a fun and convenient way to get from here to there. They are cheaper than cars, and allow riders to get exercise when they wish, with a little help from an electric battery when desired. What’s not… Read More »


Florida Statute Of Limitations

By Robert W. Elton |

If you’re not a lawyer, the term statute of limitations may seem mind-boggling. What does it mean, and how does it affect your ability to seek legal redress after experiencing a serious personal injury? Definition: Statute of Limitations   The statute of limitations is a legal term referring to the timeframe in which a… Read More »


When And How To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

By Robert W. Elton |

After incurring an injury, you are likely feeling pretty miserable about your circumstances. Besides physical pain, the mental strain associated with the medical bills that are piling up is getting unbearable. You have tossed around the idea of contacting an attorney, but you’ve never been one to expect a handout when you’re down on… Read More »


Sinkhole Catastrophes

By Robert W. Elton |

The earth opened up a swallowed your car? That may sound crazy to some. Nonetheless, sinkholes are increasingly responsible for damage, injury and death in this country and elsewhere. If you fall victim to a sinkhole, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you recoup damages. What Causes Sinkholes? Subterranean areas that are unable… Read More »


College Hazing: Risk For Personal Injury Or Death

By Robert W. Elton |

With the recent Penn State hazing case in the news, it’s worth revisiting the topic of college hazing, its potential consequences to victims, and the legal implications for those who choose to participate in this all-too-dangerous activity. Certainly, if you have been the object of hazing acts that have caused significant personal injury, an… Read More »


Tattoo Risks

By Robert W. Elton |

Tattoos are so common these days we hardly think about potential risks associated with them. After all, tattooing is a centuries-old form of body art. We assume it must be safe. In fact, in 2003 it was estimated that nearly 40 percent of adults aged 25-29 had at least one tattoo. Even so, the… Read More »


Ignoring Red Lights and Stop Signs Resulting in Collisions

By Robert W. Elton |

Some of the footage is jaw dropping: cars pucker and scrunch, tires screech. And, in the most heinous cases, people are injured or killed. American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is the company that provides most of the traffic cameras that capture red-light running incidents on Florida roadways. If you or a loved one is involved… Read More »


When Injuries Befall First Responders

By Robert W. Elton |

First responders put their lives on the line every day for Floridians. Often times the risks they take result in rescues and happy endings. But far too often, these heroes suffer injuries themselves, and sometimes even death. If you or a loved one is a first responder who is suffering physical injuries or reeling… Read More »


When Home Projects Lead to Liability Issues

By Robert W. Elton |

As warmer weather approaches, many Floridians start thinking about those home fix-up projects that have been put on hold for the past several months. While some homeowners take personal satisfaction in giving our homes a facelift with their own sweat, others look to hire someone else to take care of the many tasks that… Read More »


Bed Bug Infestations

By Robert W. Elton |

It’s finally time for your vacation—and you have earned it! After plenty of time on the job, you are really looking forward to some rest and relaxation. What you aren’t expecting is a hotel room infested with bed bugs. As unpleasant as they sound, the real critters are every bit as disgusting as you’d… Read More »